About us

We who started this blog are Kerstin Krafft and Eyal Sharon Krafft. We are 60-plus and enjoy nature and hiking. Luxury for us is having time for new meetings and nature experiences. That’s why our exploratory journeys go on slowly. We travel mainly in Europe and stay a little longer in each place.

Eyal is a freelance journalist and Kerstin takes the photos and has also a long writing experience. Our mission is to do our best to keep track of our experiences on the blog. Of course, we love the response and will be very happy if you comment, like and share our posts.

Join us on our exploration!

Kerstin & Eyal


Work with us

Our blog is a natural partner for those who wish to inform and interact with Swedish travelers. We write inspiring, and of course journalistically independent, about slow travel journeys for Swedes. We love nature and hiking and our mission is to inspire our readers to do their own exploratory journeys.

We will be happy to collaborate with partners who can contribute to this blog for the benefit of our readers. We value highly transparency towards our readers as well as our journalistic independence. If you have a creative proposal just contact Eyal on eyal@upptacktsfard.se



We can place ads between blogposts, on the main page or other relevant pages. All ads are visible regardless of device used, such as laptop, iPad or smartphone. To ensure compliance with the blogs content and design please note that we choose carefully which ads may incorporate on the blog. For prices and further questions please don’t hesitate to contact Eyal on eyal@upptacktsfard.se


PR Policy

To ensure that our readers will be able to rely on the content on our blog we write journalistically independent. We stand for each and every published word. Our opinion is always our own and can’t be bought. In the long run it is the only way to maintain high credibility.

In case of cooperations and sponsored posts we mark these posts in accordance to The Swedish Marketing Act. Unless otherwise agreed upon on writing all cooperations and sponsored posts has restricted duration of six months.

Comments and feedback are welcome in our blog, unless they abuse other people or the law.

Unless otherwise stated all texts and photos on the blog are ours. You may link to our site without asking for consent. If you would like to use our texts or photos please contact Eyal on email eyal@upptacktsfard.se

Even if we do our best to ensure that every detail in the blog is correct mistakes may occur. The world changes constantly and we are humans. Thusly we cannot under any circumstances be held responsible for accuracy.